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Law Pacific Environmental Advocacy Center (PEAC)

California Condor Protection in the News

January 09, 2012

Protection of endangered California condors has been featured in recent articles in Scientific American, Washington Post, and the Arizona Daily Sun.

Scientific American discusses the high-tech telemetry used in scientists’ efforts to protect the endangered raptors from environmental dangers.

The Washington Post focuses on the danger posed by spent lead ammunition, ingested by condors when they feed on remains left by hunters.

An editorial in the Arizona Daily Sun urges, in light of a recent comprehensive study by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that found lead poisoning to be the leading cause of death in the recovering condor population, that penalties for using lead ammunition be introduced in Utah and Arizona and increased in California to ensure hunters make the switch to non-lead ammunition.

PEAC is doing its part to protect California condors. In September 2011, PEAC sent a 90-day notice letter informing the US Forest Service of its clients’ intent to sue if action is not taken to address the problems in Arizona.