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9 January 2012 Update from Rob Kugler, Director of Strategic Initiatives

January 09, 2012

9 January 2012

Dear Colleagues,

Before anything else, let me remind you of the community forum for faculty & staff on January 18, 2012, 4:00-5:30 p.m., in the Council Chamber. After a brief address from President Glassner, we will open the forum to your questions, suggestions, and insights. Please don’t miss this important opportunity to learn about the strategic planning process. 

As we embark in the coming weeks in earnest on the fresh planning process inaugurated last fall by President Glassner, I also take this opportunity as director of the project to remind you what a marvelous opportunity we have in the coming months to make great things happen for Lewis & Clark, and to urge you to support and be a part of the work that lies ahead.

When President Glassner announced this process in late November, he noted what it was that drew him to Lewis & Clark over a year ago: we have outstanding faculties, committed staffs, and dedicated administrators who together achieve exceptional results for our great students. From the best small college philosophy department in the west to Oregon’s premier teacher education program to the world’s first specialty in animal law; from the finest environmental law degree in the nation to a biology program that features some of the country’s most renowned researchers to a groundbreaking program in ecopsychology; from a top-rank educational leadership program to a small business law clinic that buoys Portland’s commerce to a rhetoric and media studies department that features increasing depth and breadth—Lewis & Clark offers what everyone claims, but few realize, a truly diverse and excellent education for its students.

Just so, President Glassner also recognizes that we have many underutilized human and material resources that could be put into play to add terrific value to a Lewis & Clark degree and to get the word out to people across the country what a great education can be had here. Indeed, we already have the resources on hand to become respected nationwide as the best private school in the Northwest.

Achieving the potential that President Glassner identifies in us, however, takes a careful inventory of our resources, clear-eyed decisions about how best to deploy them, realistic plans for doing so, and strong oversight in implementing the plan. That’s why he set in motion this new planning process. I welcome the opportunity to help lead it, but to succeed, the steering committee, the planning work groups, and I need your help, enthusiasm, and commitment.

But we don’t expect you to get on board without knowing more precisely what it is that we’ll be doing in the next months. So the steering committee and I have put together a FAQ sheet for you. We hope that it increases your understanding of the process ahead and energizes you for it. We also provide a feedback link on this page where you can pose further questions, offer suggestions, and announce your commitment to the endeavor.

So please read on and learn why and how you should join in giving your time and talent to ensuring that when people across the country think of the best private school in the Northwest, they think of Lewis & Clark College.


Rob Kugler, Professor & Director of Strategic Initiatives



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