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Staff honored for years of dedication to Lewis & Clark

January 24, 2012

  • Photo includes some of the employees honored with 20 or more years of service. From left to right: Michael Ford, Susan Galyen, Linda Meacham, Mervyn Brockett, David Shratter, Doug Erickson, David Kelly, Janice Schermer, and Bess Austin.

This year’s staff recognition luncheon, held on Friday, January 20, honored 57 staff members for reaching milestones in their loyal service to the college.

Vice President and Provost Jane Atkinson paid homage to Associate Vice President for Campus Life Michael Ford for his 35 years at Lewis & Clark.

“Michael is the person to whom I delegate seemingly intractable challenges—those administrative mare’s nests that take patience, perseverance, and practicality to untangle,” Atkinson said. “Thank you, Michael, for your hard work, your independence of thought, your thoroughness and sense of responsibility—and for the good humor with which you greet every new assignment we direct your way.”

Registrar of the Law School Susan Galyen was also honored for her 35 years of service.

“Susan embodies the Lewis & Clark spirit,” said Martha Spence, associate dean for academic affairs. “She is dedicated, hard-working, and kind. Her job demands keen attention to detail, the ability to see a big picture, and flexibility. To hundreds of students, adjunct faculty, and faculty, Susan is the face of the law school, and she helps us earn a great reputation every day.”

The staff recognition luncheon celebrates each fifth anniversary of service to Lewis & Clark. Congratulations to following honorees:

Two honored for 35 years of service: Michael Ford, Provost’s Office; and Susan Galyen, Registrar’s Office—Law School

One honored for 30 years of service: Bess Austin, Student Health Service

Four honored for 25 years of service: Denise Gerhardt, Music; David Kelley, Business Services—Law School; Janice Schermer, Admissions—College of Arts and Sciences; and Joe Yuska, College Outdoors

Four honored for 20 years of service: Mervyn Brockett, Provost’s Office; Doug Erickson, Aubrey R. Watzek Library; Linda Meacham, Student and Departmental Account Services; and David Shratter, Aubrey R. Watzek Library

Six honored for 15 years of service: Richard Austin, Facilities Services; Tina Blackwell, President’s Office; Julie Couch, Campus Safety; Shannon Ehlers, Business and Finance Office; Terry Gray, Facilities Services; and Gail Sullivan, Student and Departmental Account Services

Fifteen for 10 years of service: Kerry Barnes, Student and Departmental Account Services; Joe Becker, Public Affairs and Communications; Janet Bixby, Dean’s Office—Graduate School; Rebecca Brooks, Student Support Services; Sara Chambers, Business Services—Law School; Mark Dah l, Aubrey R. Watzek Library; Tina Gordon, Admissions—College of Arts and Sciences; Wendy Hitchcock, Paul L. Boley Law Library; Robin Jerke, Alumni Relations—Law School; Andy Marion, Business Services—Law School; David Rosengard, Campus Living; Jeremy Skinner, Aubrey R. Watzek Library; Sherron Stonecypher, Campus Events; Marjorie Synakiewicz, Teacher Education; and Beth Trubits, Student Health Service

Twenty-five honored for five years of service: Bonny Benton, President’s Office; Gabe Bishop, Facilities Services; Brian Cutler, Paul L. Boley Law Library; Anneliese Dehner, Aubrey R. Watzek Library; Kaitlin Dugger, Academic Advising; Jon Evart, Facilities Services; Erik Fast, Corporate and Foundation Relations; Mike Gipson, Facilities Services; Rebecca Haas, Admissions—Graduate School; Shelah Hanson, External Relations—Law School; Kristin Hutson, Legal Clinic—Law School; Lynn Jensen, Student Financial Services; Ashley Kikukawa, Student Financial Services; Michelle Kirton, Counseling Service; Tom Krattenmaker, Public Affairs and Communications; Linda Lopeman, Alumni Relations—Law School; Ronna Newsom, Institutional Advancement; Tim O’Dwyer, Campus Safety; Deanna Oothoudt, Public Affairs and Communications; Rick Peterson, Aubrey R. Watzek Library; Tom Stephenson, Information Technology; Carl Vance, Finance Division; Amy Williams, Business Services—Graduate School; Susan Wynne, Academic English Studies; and Clark Yeager, Physical Education and Athletics