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World’s First Advanced Degree in Animal Law

From dogfighting and hoarding to pet custody battles, animal law issues are making headlines around the country. Now Lewis & Clark is creating the world’s first advanced degree in animal law, extending its leadership in this emerging field.

In October, Robert Klonoff, dean of Lewis & Clark Law School announced that the school’s proposal for an Animal Law LL.M. Program had been approved by both the American Bar Association (ABA) and Lewis & Clark’s Board of Trustees.

“The ABA’s and Board of Trustees’ quick and unequivocal actions represent a huge step forward and recognition for the field of animal law, and are yet another example of leadership and innovation at Lewis & Clark Law School,” he says.

Pamela Frasch, assistant dean of the Animal Law Program and executive director of the Center for Animal Law Studies, notes that the new LL.M. degree program marks an important milestone in the evolution of animal law. “When I first started teaching in 1998, I dreamed of the day when students would have the opportunity to earn an advanced degree in animal law. That day is finally here,” says Frasch. “With the new LL.M., our graduates will be poised to become the leading legal educators and advocates in the field.”

The Animal Law LL.M. Program at Lewis & Clark is expected to launch in the fall of 2012. Demand for an advanced animal law degree is already high, with the school regularly receiving inquiries about its inauguration. Preparations are under way regarding the final details, including the application process.

Founded in 2008, the Center for Animal Law Studies is the home for the animal law programs and activities of Lewis & Clark Law School. The center collaborates with the national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund to educate and support law students and legal professionals in the rapidly developing field of animal law through classes, conferences, scholarship, and clinical opportunities.

For more information about the Center for Animal Law Studies, click here.

Firsts in Animal Law

Lewis & Clark’s new animal law LL.M. adds to the law school’s growing lists of firsts, including:

  • First comprehensive animal law program, including animal law certificate option
  • First student Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) chapter
  • First animal law journal (Animal Law)
  • First summer intensive animal law program
  • First animal law competitions (National Animal Law Competitions)
  • First academic animal law conference (The Animal Law Conference at Lewis & Clark)
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