February 23, 2012

Vice-President of Student Affairs

Michael Kearney

1. Briefly, what were the responsibilities of your position?

I planned the fall elections for the 1Ls, put together the welcome SBA social event for incoming students, got the 1L pod representatives up to speed on SBA, and worked with the elections committee to conduct the SBA spring elections.  I interface often with members of the student body when they have questions and issues, sat on several campus-wide committees (including a strategic planning group and student health care plan planning group), am responsible for making sure that all SBA members are in touch with their external committees and are attending meetings, and do some management of the SBA web page.


2. What was your total time commitment for both internal and external committees?

I spend a 1-2 hours each week on e-mails to students, people on the upper campus, and with other SBA members.  I’d say my total commitment on campus-wide committees was about 5-6 hours a semester, including reading materials and attending meetings.  Elections can eat up anywhere from 2-10 hours a week for 2-3 weeks each semester.  SBA assembly meetings take up an hour or so once a month.  For most of my internal committees I’ve chaired them, and we’ve conducted meetings either in conjunction with SBA meetings or through e-mail updates.  The budget committee held hearings for student groups in the fall, and that took about 5 hours of my time.   I generally spend a few hours each week in the SBA office to be available if people have questions, need something, or a student group wants to drop off a reimbursement slip.  That’s great study hall time.


3. What were the benefits of your experience?

I learned a lot about how SBA and the college (not just the law school!) work.  I’ve gotten to know some members of the administration and faculty on all of the campuses, but in general networking is more limited.  I do feel like I’ve had the chance to help out some students on an individual basis, and provided some insight from the law student community on policies that affect all of us.  This job definitely will help polish your time and project management skills.