July 15, 2009

Rachael Molitor, Class of 2009

Profile of Rachael Molitor from the TCKs/Global Nomads

Born: 1987 in Portland, OR

Has lived in: Freetown, Sierra Leone; Khartoum, Sudan; New Delhi, India; Colombo, Sri Lanka; Quito, Ecuador and Nairobi, Kenya

Major: Hispanic Studies and Psychology

Why did I decide to come to Lewis & Clark College? Well to be quite honest the idea of going to school in the US didn’t enthrall me that much. Since I had never lived in the US I knew that I would feel a lot of culture shock moving here. Living in Portland has been like living in a foreign city for me.

Lewis & Clark College was the only college that I visited that acknowledged TCKs. Coming here I hoped that there would be a population of students who understood my background and could relate to me. That is exactly what I found to be the case; not only from the other TCKs but from most of the student body.

I started college at LC by attending the International Students Orientation where I met other International students and TCKs who are still some of my closest friends. It was great being able to move into school early, getting set up and learning about Portland. I lived in Akin (the multicultural dorm) my first year and met a lot of people who had traveled and shared a passion for diversity and multiculturalism. It was a great experience.

I have found a couple of clubs that are important to me, that I am involved in. The first is Amnesty International. We get together in this club and discuss global or local issues that we think should be made known to the campus as a whole. We did a lot of fund raising, bringing lecturers, and holding film festivals. I am a member on the TCK board and an in the TCK club. The TCK club not only connects TCKs with other TCKs but connects us with faculty and staff. There are special opportunities, lectures, trips etc provided for the club. We have the chance to participate in the Multicultural and International fairs; which are awesome!

The first semester of my sophomore year I was a Resident Assistant (RA) in Copeland hall. Being an RA taught me so much about all the opportunities that we have on campus. I wish that every student could go through the training that I went through just to know about how much they can get from this school. I enjoyed being an RA as there is always something to plan, someone to talk to, and some great people to meet. I spent the Spring semester on a Lewis & Clark Study Abroad Program in Santiago, Chile, and don’t have enough great things to say about living with a host family and attending universities in a different language.

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