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Ronna and Eric Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art

Kirkpatrick and Mace: Woodland Drawings

November 03, 2005

Innovation in glass and sculpture is a hallmark of Seattle-based artists Joey Kirkpatrick and Flora C. Mace. Add a passion for birds to the duo’s artistic genius and the result is a series of stunning works that have brought acclaim to the pair, including their recent designation as fellows of the American Craft Council, alongside glass pioneer Dale Chihuly.

“There is a symbiosis between Joey Kirkpatrick and Flora Mace that yields a seamless artistic voice,” said Linda Tesner, Hoffman Gallery director. “If you sit with them in their studio, Joey will drive the conversation, spirited, bursting with ideas; Flora will weigh in with the most pertinent summary. In practical terms, Kirkpatrick leads with initial conceptual developments; Mace, who is supremely gifted with a toolbox, invents the methodology appropriate to their themes.”

The Hoffman Gallery exhibit includes a range of works and media by Kirkpatrick and Mace, including a series of life-size figurative wood and glass sculptures and glass-dust drawings depicting birds.

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Ronna and Eric Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art

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