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Liberal arts students apply skills to creative careers

March 29, 2012

  • Amelia Blakeman '06. Benjamin Brink/The Oregonian

Undergraduate Campus

For students like Amelia Blakeman ’06, the “intellectual agility” that comes with a liberal arts education can mean an entrepreneurial approach to careers.

Blakeman graduated with a degree in psychology and immediately landed a job doing clinical research. She quickly learned that it wasn’t the right fit and instead turned her attention to a new career path—designing her own line of clothing, Amelia.

Today, her studies serve her well, giving her the skills to communicate with clients, brainstorm new ideas, and think innovatively. In the future, she hopes to open her own store and showcase other designers’ work.

Portland is a good place to take a shot at a creative career, Blakeman says. “The longer I do it,” she says, “the more opportunities present themselves.”

Read more about Blakeman in this article from the Oregonian.

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