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Science faculty receive NSF funding for advanced microscope

July 21, 2009

Science faculty received a National Science Foundation grant to purchase an advanced microscope that will significantly expand the scope of questions faculty and students can collaboratively address.

Use of the Zeiss AxioImager high resolution, time-lapse, fluorescence deconvolution microscope will be integrated into the College curriculum. Each year, 60 undergraduates will be trained in cutting-edge light microscopy techniques that they will utilize while carrying out independent research into topics directly related to faculty research programs.

The microscope will facilitate the investigation of a broad range of important biological topics ranging from fundamental aspects of cell structure and function to the characterization and documentation of new venomous brown recluse spider species.

The microscopy system will also be a centerpiece of ongoing outreach activities in area science classrooms and summer research programs targeting high school and community college students from underrepresented groups in science.

The following faculty members received the $90,000 grant: Associate Professor of Biology Greg Hermann, Professor of Biology Gary Reiness, Professor of Biology Deborah Lycan, Assistant Professor of Biology Greta Binford, and Dr. Robert B. Pamplin, Jr. Professor of Science Janis Lochner.

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