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Strategic Plan

April 2012 Update from Rob Kugler, Director of Strategic Initiatives

April 13, 2012

Lewis & Clark

Dear Colleagues,

The strategic planning process is entering the final weeks of its first phase, setting goals to achieve the college-wide priorities set out in “The Journey Forward.”

What have we already achieved? The working groups were charged with rethinking the priorities articulated in “The Journey Forward.” They did that work by first conversing among themselves, gathering survey data from across the College, and consulting in person with significant figures relating to their particular areas of concern. On the basis of the information they gathered, the working groups then revised their priorities. The freshly articulated priorities remain well within the spirit of the ones set out in “The Journey Forward,” and will be integral to the institution-wide strategic plan that emerges at the end of the next phase in the process.

Working from the revised priorities, the working groups began to formulate goals that they see as leading to the realization of the College-wide priorities. For example, the group focusing on enhancing the College’s international education and global reach learned from surveys and interviews to set the very simple goal of increasing “visibility of and access to international programming and related resources within the Lewis & Clark Community.” Further, they identified the concrete steps that we need to take to achieve the goal, to measure its accomplishment, and to build further on its accomplishment. The other groups have been working through this same process, and all of them are feverishly completing their efforts in these waning weeks of the semester.

It is important to note that most of the goals the groups set are to be accomplished in roughly three years and with little or no additional cost to the college. But the groups have also produced goals that are longer-term in nature and may require additional resources. Those long-term goals will be the focus of a later phase in the planning process (see further below).

What comes next? On April 28 the working groups will submit their final reports to the Director of Strategic Initiatives, Rob Kugler. Then on May 1, Kugler, the conveners of the work groups, and the strategic planning steering committee will prioritize the goals articulated by the working groups, providing thereby the framework for writing an institution-wide strategic plan This effort will complete the first phase of the planning process. 

The second phase of the planning process begins with Kugler and Mark Figueroa, Director of Institutional Research, writing a draft of the institution-wide plan during summer 2012. They will do so in close consultation with the conveners of the working groups to ensure that the results of the community-wide consultation that produced the group reports are respected every step of the way. Current expectations are to present the plan to the College community in September 2012, and bring the draft to the Board of Trustees in October 2012

The third phase, implementing the plan’s goals, should begin in February 2013. The first step in that process, likely to take much of spring 2013, will be organizing the implementation process and charging persons and offices with seeing it through. We expect to begin implementing the plan in earnest in fall 2013, and we aspire to complete the first set of goals as early as May 2016.

A further phase of the planning effort could begin as soon as fall 2016. It will entail assessing our success in implementing the goals set in 2013 and converting the longer-term goals suggested by groups in spring 2012 into actionable goals and plans for achieving them. We hope to complete this second set of goals and plans as early as 2020.


Rob Kugler, Director of Strategic Initiatives

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Strategic Plan

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