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Financial Aid

Financial Aid FAQs for GSEC Students

April 13, 2012

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What is a Cost of Attendance Budget?

The Cost of Attendance budget is found on the bottom half of your award letter and lists the costs we estimate you will incur for the academic year of the award. It includes direct costs which are billed to you by the school such as tuition and fees, as well as indirect costs such as living expenses and books.

How do you estimate my Cost of Attendance?

To estimate the tuition component of your Cost of Attendance, we look at how many credits students in your year of your program typically take. We then multiply this number of credits by the per-credit tuition charge. To estimate your living expense component, we multiply the number of months you’ll be enrolled in the academic year by $2200 per month. We survey GSEC and Law students to help us estimate per month living expenses.

How can I find out how many credits you have estimated I’ll take?

Simply take the tuition component of the Cost of Attendance budget and divide it by the per credit tuition charge.

For 2012-2013:                   Tuition Charge                   = Number of credits estimated

                                $773 per credit tuition charge

What if I’m actually going to take more credits?

Just let us know your actual enrollment plans by completing a Graduate Academic Plan. You will need to have a faculty member sign off on the plan before submitting it to us or the GSEC Registrar’s Office. Academic Plan forms are available in the GSEC Registrar’s Office or on the Financial Aid website (click on Forms).

What do I need to do to process my loans for next year?

Review the steps to secure your loan funding on the Financial Aid website. Click on Graduate Students in the menu to the right, then on Securing Your Aid.

When do I need to process my loans for the 2012-2013 year?

If you need a refund check available to you on your first day of classes of summer session 2012, complete all loan processing steps by:

  • April 23 if you start on May 7
  • June 11 if you start on June 25

We will continue to process loans requested after these dates but disbursements may not be available by the first day of the semester.

  • Review the steps to secure your loan funding on the Financial Aid website. Click on Graduate Students, then on Securing Your Aid.

What if I have other questions?

  • Review the information on the Financial Aid Office website (
  • Call our office (503) 768-7090
  • E-mail us