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What is Tagging?

Tags are a way to filter your content in LiveWhale, whether it is Events, News, File, or Blurbs.  Tags interact with LiveWhale Widgets that members of New Media (or the law school web developer) can build for you to make stories only appear in certain places on your website.

For instance, you could have two different news pages that automatically update content: one page only shows student-related stories, while the other that only shows alumni-related stories.  The first would require a story to have the tag of, say, “student” in order to appear in the box, and the second would require “alumni.”  A single story could have both tags and would then appear in both boxes.  Of course there are many other ways in this could function, according to your site’s specific needs.

Tags are simple to apply.  For instance, when creating or editing a news story, you will notice below the “Summary and “Story body” boxes a third box called “Tag this story” (pictured).  Just type in the tag that you need and if it is already in your group’s system, it will appear automatically as a drop-down option.  If this is the first time you have used this tag, LiveWhale will save it for your group when you hit “Save this story.”

Note that you can add, edit or delete your tags (though some are global to all Lewis & Clark and cannot be edited) via the Tags tab in the upper right of the “Manage Your Content” LiveWhale control panel screens.

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