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Lewis & Clark feral kittens up for adoption

June 08, 2012

Dear Lewis & Clark animal lovers,

Several weeks ago, these five kittens crawled out from under the Skyline Maintenance shed. The mother did a very good job of concealing them until they were weaned. Knowing the mother was either a stray or feral, I wanted to capture the kittens so they could be socialized and adopted. If left to fend for themselves, we would have a feral colony in no time. The now-dubbed Skyline 5 were caught thanks to the ingenuity of Casey Barnes, Events Prep., who fashioned a trap reminiscent of some boyhood adventure.

When we brought them to my home they were wild little things, and I had to be very cautious, touching them only when they were eating. Now, after a week and a half of handling, they are like kittens born in “captivity.”

There are three females and two males. I spoke with the Humane Society and set up an intake interview on June 15, they assured me all would be adopted. If anyone is interested in adopting one, please let me know before this date.

Unfortunately, we were unable to catch the mother cat. She is a mostly white calico and is probably still around campus. If anyone sees a cat matching this description, let me know. I would like to trap her so she can be spayed and hopefully rehomed.


Marilyn Sbardellati
Transportation and Parking
503 768-7857