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Class Notes - 1950s

This edition of Class Notes includes law submissions through October 31, 2011, and undergraduate and graduate submissions through January 12, 2012.


Arts & Sciences Reunion June 21-24, 2012

Marv Bolstad B.S. looks forward to sharing memories and experiences at his upcoming 60th class reunion. He spent his working career in Portland’s maritime shipping business and enjoyed contact with people from across the United States and many different parts of the world.

Jim Hamley B.A. asks, “How many people get an opportunity to attend a 60th college reunion?” Hamley is retired and active in his church as property manager. He is a model railroad enthusiast and has a layout in his basement.

Pat Hibbard B.S. reminds classmates of the June reunion. “Y’all better come. Our main event will be a luncheon. We’ll have great food and great fun. Show up and prove to the rest of the college that we’re still the most exciting, active, and electric class ever.”

Donna Lawrence B.A. and Frank Lawrence B.S. have been looking through Voyageurs from 1949 to 1952. “We are so excited to see you all again! Lucky us to be able to come together for our 60th reunion.”

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