Initial Impressions

by Parker Lewis BA ‘08

by Parker Lewis BA ‘08

The answers to the five clues with asterisks all share a certain characteristic. Can you spot the commonality?


1 Fly like an eagle

5 Original name of our college

11 Paradise of On the Road

14 Thereabouts

15 Kitt who sang “Santa Baby”

16 French phrase seen on a map: vous etes _______

17 Moonwalking Armstrong

18* It will correct corect?

20 One of four on a soccer field

22 The _______, Netherlands

23 There is a good one and a bad one

in interrogations

24 One who testifies in court

26 Reed, to Lewis & Clark

29 Imitates a sheep

31 “Gloria in Excelsis ________”

32 Bacteria that closed Jack in the Boxes in 1993

33 They help the pot grow

35* What some international students may have

41 Words on Alice’s cake

42 Dean Martin’s “That’s _______”

43 Three in Italian

46 Wood exported from Thailand

47 Cell phone’s predecessor

48 Many a character on Portlandia

51 Army rank below Sgt.

52 Madonna musical set in Argentina

53 “_______ and a dollar short”

58* Grading scales for some professors

61 Dirt clump

62 Spanish gold

63 Familiarize, as incoming students

64 Farm-related prefix

65 Pester repeatedly

66 Imitates a bull

67 What our mascot, Pio, might do on a hot day


1 Part of a performance by Momo and the Coop

2 It may be doubly stuffed

3 Home to more than half the world’s population

4* What some professors take at the beginning

of class

5 One who was fable-minded?

6 Repetitions in the pool or on the track

7 Jemaine’s partner on Flight of the Conchords

8 The other Portland’s ocean, abbr.

9 Org. for Penguins and Mapleleafs

10 Luxury vessel (also the name of a Portland-based


11 Attacked (like the Alamo)

12 Point the finger at

13 “Watch, this is how you do it”

19 Solo of Star Wars

21 Campo is slang for campus ________

24 Aubrey who gave name to our library

25 What “video” means in Latin

26 Checkers color choice

27 Patient’s destination after the ER

28 U.S. news source that broadcasts in over

50 languages

29 Cake before it’s baked

30 Feminine side in Jungian philosophy

34 “Hurry up, make it _______!”

36 “It must have been something ________”

37* Type of type or type of stock

38 Harley, in biker slang

39 Extreme anger

40 The P of MPG

43 Fields Dining Room, familiarly

44 Artist Diego

45 Afterword (which looks a lot like the name of our

student newspaper)

49 Letters on Cardinals’ hats

50 What might be served in 43D on Cinco de Mayo

51 Groups that perform in Fir Acres Theatre

53 State with confidence

54 Blemish on a car after a hailstorm

55 Pond organism

56 On the fence

57 Use 18A for example

59 Where certain ashes are kept

60 Host city of some 2014 World Cup matches

About the Creator

Parker Lewis’ penchant for puzzles can be traced back to childhood visits with his grandmother—the two would tackle the daily crossword together. Last year, the New York Times published two of his puzzles, and he has a few more ideas in the works. Lewis earned his BA in mathematics in 2008. Shortly thereafter, he left for Namibia, where he spent two years as a math teacher with the Peace Corps. (Check out his stories and photos by click here.)

He currently lives in Seattle and works for both Kaplan and Puzzazz, a local startup that creates puzzle apps and daily online puzzles.