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One of the “Skyline five” finds a perfect home

July 17, 2012

Remember those five kittens that were found under the Skyline Maintenance shed found in June? One of them found a new home with two members of the undergraduate faculty, Megan McDonald and Freddy Vilches, and their children. Megan tells their story below: 

I was in my office when I saw the headline about the “Skyline five” kittens. I knew it was meant to be! Our family had spent Spring Semester with the overseas program in Cuba and while we were gone our dear cat, Mimi, passed away.  We were starting to think about a new kitten so when I got home from work I showed the kids (Sofia, age 13, Lucia, age 11, and Nico, age 8) Marilyn’s video of the kittens that she had posted on The Source. We immediately fell in love with the two orange and white kittens. A few emails later, Marilyn and I had agreed on a time when the kids and I could go see them. I knew we wouldn’t drive away empty handed so we went prepared with a carrier.

One of the orange and white guys was so nervous he didn’t want to be held. The other purred and let us hold him, so the decision was made! Marilyn sent us off with cans of food, a container of dry food and coupons for vaccinations. We know it was hard for her to see him go, but she was happy he was going to a home where he would clearly be well loved by 3 kids!

After much debate we named him Ozzie. He loves to play, especially with his stuffed dog, lion and porcupine (former beanie babies). He also chases his own tail up and down the stairs and loves to race around the house after we all go to bed! We love how loudly he purrs and the fact that he purrs whenever we pick him up! This means he is almost always purring because we love to hold him and he is very tolerant of all our attention. We love his big ears and big feet and kind of hope he won’t grow into them! 

So far, Ozzie is an indoor cat. After he has completed all his shots and been neutered he will be an indoor/outdoor cat. He is already imagining himself outside and is starting to try to sneak out when he sees the chance! Thank you to Marilyn and all the other kitten caretakers. Ozzie is an LC cat with an LC family.

Megan, Freddy, Sofia, Lucia, and Nico


Marilyn is happy to announce that the other four kittens were able to find homes via the Oregon Humane Society.