September 13, 2012

Pioneer To-Do List

50 things our alumni encourage students to try.

Our students don’t waste a minute! Even though they’re just settling in, members of the Class of 2016 are already working on the top 50 things to do before graduating from Lewis & Clark.


In the Classroom

1. Take advantage of office hours. Get to know your professors.

2. Don’t shy away from difficult courses or professors.

Yoga 3. Take introductory classes in more than one department before choosing your major.

4. Speak up in seminars.

5. Design an experiment in a natural science lab.

6. Apply for a grant from the Student Academic Affairs Board to research something you’re passionate about.

7. Learn a different language.

study abroad 8. Study abroad at least a semester.

9. Bridge the gap between theory and practice: take a class or do an independent study that allows you to complete an internship in Portland.

10. Take a yoga class.


On Campus

Manor House 11. Attend concerts, lectures, symposia, and poetry slams. Get inspired by your peers.

12. Wander our beautiful campus.

13. Swim in the pool near the Frank Manor House on a sunny day.

14. Attend a cappella concerts.

15. Participate in College Outdoors.

16. Get involved in a club or organization.

sleeping 17. Attend International Fair.

18. Take a run in neighboring Tryon Creek State Park.

19. Break into the Frank Manor House at night. (Hmm, we’d venture to guess this is not recommended by Campus Safety.)

20. Explore the campus ravine—you live in a forest.

21. Join a sports team—it builds amazing community.

South Campus 22. Sleep in the library.

23. Climb trees on South Campus.


In the Residence Halls

24. Get to know your neighbors—keep your door open.

25. Unload your clothes from the dryer as soon as they’re done.

Christmas tree 26. Engage in successful (or unsuccessful?) attempts at elaborate meal making in tiny kitchens.

27. Organize impromptu Wednesday afternoon dance parties.

28. Make inventive milk shakes in the Bon.

29. Get a Christmas tree and keep it in your room. (Shh, don’t tell your RA.)

30. Have a milk-and-cookies pajama party with your dorm floor.



Around Portland

31. Do homework at coffee shops.

32. Go thrift-store shopping.

33. Check out Portland’s Waterfront Park, the Oregon Zoo, the Japanese Gardens, and Saturday Market.

Crystal Ballroom 34. Hit up the food carts in downtown.

35. Spend the day at Powell’s City of Books.

36. Get involved mentoring or tutoring students in local schools.

37. Take in music at the Crystal Ballroom.

38. When you’re old enough, check out Portland’s amazing array of breweries.

Voodoo 39. Go to Sauvie Island in the summer.

40. Walk around nearby River View Cemetery.

41. Pick blackberries anywhere you can find them.

42. Get to know Portland through its great collection of restaurants.

43. Explore Portland by bike.

44. Make late-night runs to Voodoo Doughnut.

seal lions


Throughout the Northwest

45. Hike in the Columbia River Gorge.

46. Camp on the coast to the sweet barking of sea lions.

47. Visit the Cascades for snowshoeing, snowboarding, or camping.

48. Drive down to California and back on U.S. Highway 101.

train 49. Take the train to Seattle.

50. Work hard, have fun, get stressed out, and succeed!


This story originally appeared in the Fall 2011 issue of the Chronicle magazine. As a last assignment, we asked members of the College of Arts and Sciences class of 2011 about what they did—or wished they had done—before graduating. We collect the top 50 responses here. 

Illustrations by Dennis Adler.