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The Rogers 2 Dozen

December 15, 2003

They excel academically. They demonstrate leadership, dedication, integrity, compassion, sensitivity, and self-discipline. They are the 24 Lewis & Clark students recently awarded scholarships from the Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation.

Rogers Scholarships are awarded annually to juniors and seniors in the undergraduate college and to students pursuing a master of arts in teaching in the Graduate School of Education.

2002-03 Scholarship Recipients

Maria “Mia” Blagaila ’04
Jessica Breiman ’03 
Elsa Claire Bro M.A.T. ’03 
Allison Deverman ’02 
Kara Fox ’02 
Jodi Antje Garrington ’03 
Alisa Harvey M.A.T. ’03 
Vanessa Hastings M.A.T. ’03 
Elizabeth Hummer ’04 
Brandy Hussa M.A.T. ’03 
Carmen Kinny ’03 
Daniel Mangan M.A.T. ’03 
Elan Pardee ’03 
Elizabeth Posey ’03 
Rebecca Rhamey ’04 
Mischa Ronick ’03 
Erin Savage M.A.T. ’03 
Rosemary Schmidt ’02 
Sara Sluszka ’04 
Lisa Snider M.A.T. ’03 
Terra Tolley ’04 
Lana Urban M.A.T. ’03 
Odessa Weber ’04 
Diana Wiener ’04

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