September 19, 2012

Essential Arts

Experience collaboration, critical thinking, and creative expression at their best.
  • Cara Tomlinson, associate professor of art, works with students

From ceramics to stagecraft, world music to art history, our courses in the visual and performing arts offer all students—majors and nonmajors alike—the opportunity to think creatively and critically.

Working alongside distinguished faculty, students learn the social, historical, and theoretical contexts of each art form. The results? Students earn local and national attention for their work and graduate prepared for leadership roles in the arts and in society at large.

Learn more about the visual and performing arts at Lewis & Clark:


Music students at Lewis & Clark are theorists and performers, jazz musicians and world music devotees. The faculty consists of active performers, composers, and scholars, all of whom are dedicated teachers. Together, they contribute to our exciting campus community and the thriving music culture in Portland and beyond.


Last spring, renowned Wall Street Journal art critic Peter Plagens confirmed what we already knew: Lewis & Clark art students are a talented bunch. Plagens called the Lewis & Clark senior art exhibition “the strongest undergraduate exhibition I’ve seen in a long time.” Our outstanding facilities and faculty and proximity to Portland’s hip art scene make Lewis & Clark an exciting environment in which to practice and study the visual arts.


Fir Acres Theatre is home to the theatre arts and dance on campus, and it hums with activity nearly every hour of the day. Courses and performances provide students experience in playwriting and directing, acting, design, and choreography, while connections to the local and international theatre community enrich the department’s offerings.



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