Explorers on the Musical Frontier

Three Lewis & Clark graduates are blazing their own trails in the world of music

Three Lewis & Clark graduates are blazing their own trails in the world of music

Aaron Meyer ’95 describes himself as a “concert rock violinist.” Dan Balmer ’80 is a widely acclaimed master of contemporary jazz guitar. Sophia Serghi ’94 is an athletically inspired pianist/composer. While they all have a Lewis & Clark education in common, the paths that led them to the College, and on to successful careers in music, are as distinct as their musical styles.

One came to the College because it was close to home, another because it was as far from home as possible. One came to explore a future in music, another to leave music behind and explore something completely new. Each came for different reasons. Each left on a different road. But for all three, Lewis & Clark provided the environment to explore possibilities, to broaden perspectives, and to gain the confidence to take the next step on a path of their own design. 

Ellisa Valo writes for Clarity Communications from her home office on the Clackamas River. She loves music of all kinds.

Photographs by Robert Reynolds.