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International Flair

June 14, 2004

International Fair, one of the College’s most well-known and long-standing traditions, celebrates the rich variety of traditions and heritages from every corner of the world. American and foreign students unite to share food, music, dance, and educational information with members and guests of the Lewis & Clark community. This year’s international Fair was held March 6.

Left, top: Fei-Li Yang in the dress of China; Kotaro Kawashima in the dress of Japan. • Ai-Ling Pang in the dress of India/Pakistan. Left, middle: Susanne Schmitt in the dress of Germany. • Tomoko Nakayama in the dress of Japan. Left, bottom: Tia Wooldridge in the dress of Nigeria. • Hojin Choi in the dress of Korea. Above: Timmie Roach (left) and Emnet Kubrom, outfitted in the dress of Nigeria, share a laugh before returning to the festivities of International Fair. Photography by Robert Reynolds.

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