Phi Beta Kappa Inductees

In April, Lewis & Clark’s Gamma of Oregon Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa initiated 47 new members, including one alumna. A faculty review committee selects students on the basis of academic excellence and breadth in the liberal arts as well as good character. The committee chooses alumni who have achieved scholarly distinction since graduating at least 10 years ago.

Alumna Member

Leslie A. Baxter ’71, F. Wendell Miller Distinguished Professor, University of Iowa

Class of 2004, Members Elected as Juniors

Katherine A. Ablutz, Nicolette D. Boehland (now graduating with class of 2005), Norah A. Foster, Paloma González, Elizabeth L. Hummer, Amanda J. Lillis, Megan Y. Sullivan, Lisa A. Williams, Laura E. Willner

Class of 2004, Initiates

Kathleen A. Antonioli, Catherine S. Austin, Daniel J. Barth, Brian W. Blake, Satya D. Byock, Diana R. Calamai, Kirsten F. Collins, Jemile E. Erdem, Holly N. Fern, Casia J. Freitas, Amanda J. Gassett, Anisa N. Goforth, Anna G. Gullion, Jamaica B. Hale, Whitney V. Hannah, Nicolas A. Henry, Sonya D. Hollander, Leah S. Honigman, Emily M. Johnson, Shannon M. McGonagle, David B. Muller, Jessica L. Reynolds, James A. Riley, Nicholas N. Tadros, Paul E. Trusty, Sara M. Vera, Odessa M. Weber, Colleen E. Welch, Susan R. Whitmore

Class of 2005, Initiates

Thomas R. Armstrong, Robin J. Eisenhut, Dmitrijs O. Gurkins, Stasia J. Honnold, Aaron M. Kershner, Laura J. Matson, Tristan A. Nunez, Brett A. Tomlin