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Class of 2008 … Is Great!

December 12, 2005

Many of them were toddlers when the Berlin Wall fell; they’ve never known a president without the last name of Clinton or Bush; and they’re masters of instant messaging, cell phone calling, and all things digital. They are the class of 2008, selected from the largest applicant pool in the College’s history. 

Total first-year applications: 3,826 (a new record)
Percentage of students who applied online: 81%
Students in the class of 2008: 537 (64% acceptance rate)
Transfer students: 64 (41% acceptance rate) 
Listed e-mail address as “blueberry-pancakes”: 1
Hail from outside Oregon: 82%
National Merit Scholars: 9
Graduated in top quarter of their class: 77%
First name of “Katherine”: 15
Public school graduates: 79%
States represented: 37
Countries represented: 15
African safari guide: 1
Received financial aid from Lewis & Clark: 78%
Average amount of Lewis & Clark financial aid: $14,395
Attended a preorientation College Outdoors program:138
Members of ethnic minorities: 14%
Have a Lewis & Clark alum as a close relative: 4%
World travelers: Over 50% have already spent time overseas; more than 80% of all new students are considering one of our overseas study programs.

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