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Update to LiveWhale 1.4.4

by Morgan S. Grether

At the end of the afternoon on 12/12/12, we are excited to update to the latest version of our LiveWhale content management system, 1.4.4. 

Here are some highlights on the update I learned at the LiveWhale developers conference earlier this semester. 

  • First off, we will be rebuilding the Lewis & Clark events calendar. It will be more fully integrated within LiveWhale, enabling users to have more direct control over their events.
  • A new LiveWhale tool will make it easier to maintain faculty and staff bios across the site. Presently, these are often built in LiveWhale pages or blurbs. The new LiveWhale Profiles feature will allow us to automatically generate and dynamically maintain departmental faculty/staff lists, as well as the central faculty directories.
  • With the new LiveWhale Stream widget, we will be able to combine multiple widgets into a single view. For example, a department could display both news and events within a single box.
  • When your visitors fill out a LiveWhale form, it will now highlight missed fields for them.

And more… For instance, one thing that coud be very exciting, though I have not seen in action yet, is an ”external widget code,” meaning you will be able to embed a widget on any site (Google sites, Wordpress, whatever).

Learn more from LiveWhale’s own 1.4.4 release notes.

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