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Letters to the Editor

June 16, 2003

The new Chronicle looks really, really fantastic. Congratulations on your great design and a terrific first issue. It is first-rate.


Anne Bunn ’97
Brookline, Massachusetts


I enjoyed reading the latest issue of the Chronicle—especially the article about the Lewis and Clark Expedition.


Jayne C. Oppliger ’63, M.A.T. ’70
Monmouth, Oregon


Wow! What a great Chronicle … paper size, articles, color pictures, Don Balmer’s “Becoming Became,” alumni news, etc. Congratulations!


Lloyd Babler ’57, Life Trustee
Portland, Oregon


Your move from the self-congratulatory-enough-as-it-wasChronicle to a glossy format—and its gradual elimination of all alumni activity reports that do not include the words “graduate program at the Harvard School of …”—is simply alienating. In fact, you have so completely wrapped yourselves in the pursuit of prestige as to suggest that all but the most prestigious donations are a waste of your time. If I am not mistaken, such a perception is not in your best interests.


Michael Dexter ’94
Portland, Oregon


I have just finished reading the Lewis & Clark Chronicle in its new format. It is superbly done and an extremely handsome production.


As Lewis & Clark College continues its progress toward a college of the first rank, you have made a wonderful contribution toward that goal.


Ronald K. Ragen, Trustee
Portland, Oregon


This past week’s mail brought the winter 2003 edition of theChronicle. Kudos to you for a most pleasing, informative, and, at the same time, personal opus.


Over the past decade, we have always enjoyed receiving and, furthermore, studiously poring over the Chronicle. For us, substance has always counted more than style, be it in people or in writings, and we have always found the contents of theChronicle filled with topical and timely data.


In the past quarter century, we have had the opportunity to peruse similar publications from several other institutions. Our two offspring have shared with us their alumni publications from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Virginia Law School, and Stanford University. While those issuances are impressive (much like a fancy annual report from a Fortune 500 company), they don’t necessarily reflect the essence of what those institutions are all about.


While we never found fault with the previous format of theChronicle, the tabloid design certainly resembled the Washington Post.


We salute you for introducing your new “identity.”


Don Driscoll ’50 and Eva Drum Driscoll ’50
Fairfax, Virginia

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