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Exhibition in Boston

December 13, 2004

  • Above: Jefferson peace medal from the Roger W. Wendlick Collection, Portland, Oregon.

Lewis & Clark College’s traveling exhibition, The Literature of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, opened February 12 at the Boston Athenaeum gallery. The exhibition remains on view there through April 24.

Stephen Dow Beckham, Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr. Professor of History, is the curator of the exhibit. The College’s exhibition is on a national tour, returning to Oregon in 2006.

“The Boston Athenaeum is wonderfully fit for an exhibit concerned with 200 years of literature related to the Lewis and Clark Expedition,” says Beckham. “The Athenaeum was founded in 1807, at the time the expedition returned from its journey. The athenaeum embodies a commitment of nearly two centuries to the centrality of the life of the mind in the United States.”

The traveling exhibition features up to 60 items in 11 display cases and a number of framed wall pieces with items drawn from the College’s unmatched library of expedition-related literature acquired over the past 20 years.

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