October 07, 2012

Class Notes - 1980s

Class Notes - 1980s


Thomas Hames BS is senior trial counsel for the Travelers Insurance Company. In 2011, Hames was elected chair of the board of directors of the 10th Mountain Division Foundation, a charity that fosters and preserves the legacy of the World War II 10th Mountain Division, which trained in Colorado at Camp Hale before combat in Italy. The foundation’s work includes scholarships, special commemorative projects, and support of today’s 10th Mountain Division (light infantry). Hames, wife Amy, and their two daughters, Jordan and Lauren, live in Denver.


Adair Law BA worked in publications for 15 years with the Oregon Historical Society. Since 2001, Law has written and edited a range of projects for a variety of clients. She wrote The Spark and the Light: The Leo Adler Story and Abundantly Blessed: The John Elorriaga Story, and has done developmental editing on various business histories. Through her work on several family histories, she has developed a specialty in Oregon’s early Jewish families. She edits mainly history-based projects and recently edited a first novel. She also enjoys editing Lewis & Clark’s

Nina Bonito Romine BA retired from a wonderful 28-year teaching career at Anchorage’s Steller Secondary School, “where, coincidentally, no fewer than 4 educators in a faculty of 14 graduated from Lewis & Clark!” She now manages a family-owned business in downtown Anchorage, the Kobuk Coffee Company. “Check out the website or better yet, come visit!


Arts & Sciences Reunion June 20-23, 2013


Peter Carlin BA quit his job at the Oregonian newspaper in 2011. His book, Bruce, a biography of Bruce Springsteen published by Simon & Schuster, comes out in November. He worked closely with Springsteen and his inner circle during the book’s production. Carlin and his wife, Sarah Carlin Ames, live in Northeast Portland with their three children, Anna, Teddy, and Max.


Diana Larsen BA wrote a second book, Liftoff: Launching Agile Teams and Projects, which focuses on improving the effectiveness of software teams and projects.

Grace Pan BS was hired by Kaye Scholer to expand its Asian intellectual property practice. Pan has represented clients who have developed technologies involving polymer chemistry, medical devices, and semiconductors in the United States, Japan, and Taiwan. In addition to litigation, she also does patent, trademark, copyright, and domain-name acquisition work.

Carl Skoro BS, owner of Marion’s Carpets in Portland, is very pleased to have acquired a franchise for Karastan carpets.


Julie Riggs BA made immediate use of her political science degree by going to work for the Heritage Foundation after graduation. Over the next 20 years, she gained expertise in fundraising and event planning through her affiliation with many other prominent free-market organizations, such as the Cato Institute, the Institute for Justice, and the Cascade Policy Institute.


Arts & Sciences Reunion  June 20-23, 2013


Scott Anderson BS is president/CEO of Vaxcom Services, a Fairfax, Virginia–based information technology company specializing in threat-management solutions.

Carla Cavenago-Salazar BA was named Medium Private Companies Honoree at the 2012 Chief Financial Officer of the Year Awards, sponsored by the Portland Business Journal.