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Congratulations to our Source survey winners!

October 29, 2012

Dear Source readers,

Thanks to everyone who completed our survey last month. We are busy analyzing the results and improving The Source based on your input.

The following people won a gift certificate for completing the survey:

  • Sarah Warren, assistant professor sociology
  • David Hoffman, AES Instructor
  • Kelly DelFatti, director of sponsored research
  • Janice Schermer, senior associate dean of admissions
  • Caitlin Harper, assistant dean of admissions
  • Diana Meyer, assistant director of financial aid
  • Molly Robinson Kelly, associate professor of French
  • David Kelly, assistant dean of administrative affairs, law school
  • Hoa Nguyen Dang, computer science lab technician
  • Amy Timmons, administrative coordinator, Chemistry, Physics, and Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

Please send any questions or concerns to

Many thanks,
Vanessa Holmgren, Source editor
a.k.a. The Sourceress