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By David McKelvey


As many of you know, I am leaving Lewis & Clark at the end of this week to join White Whale on the first of May. (You might remember them from our redesign in 2009.) This is not necessarily a goodbye, since my task there will be to build the community of LiveWhale— the web content management system that Lewis & Clark uses — and I expect to be visiting from time to time, as I’ll be based in Portland.

This is a huge opportunity for me and I am happy to be joining the web-geek-whales. However, this does leave a hole in PubCom/NewMedia to fill. I’ll spend the the rest of this post giving you some basic information on the transition.

Tom is forming a search committee composed of major stakeholders of the website. Naturally, all three schools are represented along with IT and a few PubCom members as well. The director position was posted late last week to the HR website and it is being advertised. And as part of my departure, I am posting it to UWebD — the university web developers list — a bunch of people like me all over the U.S.

During this transition, Morgan Grether has stepped up to manage New Media. You all know him — he’s been my stalwart New Media colleague for years so I know you’re in good hands. Morgan is of course aided by Nick, our inventive coder, and both of them will be there to keep everything moving on the right path. Even so, during the transition please understand that the overall demands on New Media are unlikely to relent, especially withIDATI now in full swing, so be as patient as possible.

And with that I’d like to say thank you. I’ve worked with so many of you (the nature of our work touches so many) and enjoyed it all — I hope you feel the same. Now don’t be a stranger, if you give me a buzz, maybe we can meet up for picklebacks at the Woodsman.


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