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LiveWhale Developers Conference

By David McKelvey


Last Thursday and Friday, Lewis & Clark New Media hosted the first-ever LiveWhale Developers Conference here on campus. WhiteWhale (maker of LiveWhale) brought three other LiveWhale schools and we all were able to hear about the future developments for LiveWhale as well as give feedback on the issues and features that we have submitted.

One of the best parts was that most of the second day was devoted to each school presenting on how they were using LiveWhale in a unique way. (We screencast these sessions — turn your volume all the way up to hear though, the iphone mic isn’t that strong.) Naturally, we presented on the digital displays (slides), but other schools talked about great integration of social media and new tools for templating and overall page management. I also used the event to announce that the code for the screens is now open-source.

Between the main session and the school presentations, there were a bunch of great ideas which we’re planning on working towards in the next few weeks to a half year from now. We hope you’ll see the first when the new institutional/college home page relaunches in about a month, but long-term we’re planning on improving the tools you can use to integrate social media (including photos and video) into your sites. We’ll announce those as we go.

Lastly, look for us to update LiveWhale in the next two weeks. There are some great new improvements we know you’ll love. :)

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