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Institutional Tags Now in Effect

By David McKelvey

As I mentioned in an earlier post, to give institutional LiveWhale groups (i.e. your group name begins with “Inst:”) the ability to target events to specific channels of screens, I’d intended to use a specific set of tags to help direct content. For college, graduate and law groups, these tags do not apply nor impact the targeting of your event to the three campuses.

For institutional LiveWhale groups, you must use at least one of the following directional tags to get your event on the digital displays. From this moment forward, if you do not include at least one, your event will not appear on the screens. The tags are pretty self-explanatory:

send-to-undergraduate > undergraduate campus screens
send-to-graduate > graduate campus screens
send-to-law > law campus screens

These tags have been added to the global tag series, so they are now available in all groups. (Logout/login if you don’t see them.) If you need to, you can use more than one tag to send to two or all of the three available campuses.

A word on targeting — please be respectful — don’t blanket the campuses unless there is credible and expected interest. 


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