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Seen the New Homepage?

By David McKelvey


It’s been two years since the redesign. (Really, more than that.) So it should be no surprise that today we launched a new version of the institutional home page that now showcases (up-to) five stories in place of the one we displayed previous. A lot of work went into this launch over the last few days to write the custom code for the switcher, as well as supply a huge influx of new stories. (Emily gets the credit for the heavy lifting there.)

But, this is just the beginning. In two weeks, we’ll kick off another round of changes followed again a month later with a third round for the home page. This is iterative development at its best. This fast-forward iterative process will occupy a significant amount of our new media bandwidth, but we’re looking forward to the challenge, as well as how it might impact our discussions around the future for the graduate and law home pages/sites.

Until then, don’t forget to try the left/right arrow keys. :)

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