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Future LiveWhale, Made by You

By David McKelvey 


A LiveWhale update is not coming to Lewis & Clark just yet, but it is on our horizon of course. From our early days beta testing LiveWhale for WhiteWhale over two years ago, we’ve continued to help them refine the software through our feedback. This is not just the feedback that new media provides, but an aggregate of all the great ideas, the “wouldn’t it be nice if’s” from all of you.

Five minutes ago Alex alerted me to two new features coming in the next upgrade of LiveWhale made by you:

  1. When looking for an image, you will now be able to screen out all images that are not your own.
  2. When searching within LiveWhale, you will also be able to restrict the results to only your own group.

So, keep those suggestions coming. We love to hear what is working (or not) for you. If it is something that could be better, easier or faster, then you too may find that you created a feature update in a future version of LiveWhale.


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