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Send Your Events to the Campus Digital Displays

By David McKelvey


People have already begun to ask how they will be able to get their events on the digital displays going up around campus and scheduled to launch around the beginning of the semester. So, to save myself some emails over the next month, here are the basics.

  1. You need a LiveWhale account/site. Chances are, if you are an office, department, program, or official student group, you already have one. (Hint: If you aren’t using it, now might be the time?)
  2. Once the displays launch, you need to create a new event or edit an existing event in your LiveWhale group. (For new events that need a reserved location, do remember to get your space reservation first.)
  3. Complete all the required event fields, and then be sure to assign your event a LiveWhale Place. (Secret: LiveWhale Places launches tomorrow.) Having a Place assigned is required to get your event on the displays.
  4. Attach a relevant image if you want your event to get more notice. And upload a big copy of the image, LiveWhale downsizes it automatically and the bigger images look better.
  5. If your event is only for students, faculty, or staff, or otherwise limited, be sure and note that in the event summary and tag it: “student event”, “staff event”, etc. (You can multi-tag if you want a combination of these groups.) Conversely, if your event is open to the public (otherwise known as anyone willing to show up, not just Lewis & Clark people), then tag it “open-to-the-public”.
  6. Save.

That’s it. Seriously. This is the exact same thing you’d have to do to put this event on your website and/or into the Events Calendar.

If your event was to start in the next few minutes, it would begin appearing in the current rotation. If you make changes to your event (change location, cancel it, change text/image, etc.), then it is updated or comes off the system right away — whatever the appropriate response is.

Note: A good portion of this post and the previous one will also appear on the displays app website too.

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