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By David McKelvey


As of this afternoon, we are now running the search engine via a secure connection should you desire it. This is typically known as SSL and means that the URL (web address) begins with https instead of just http. It’s also what makes the address bar blue in some browsers or display the lock icon in others.

We specifically chose to do this as we increase security around our single-sign-on and that is also reflected in LiveWhale after Tuesday’s upgrade — you might have noticed that when editing any website content you are now using a secure connection. (It used to be secure for the login process only.)

The secure search engine has all the same features and function as before, just a different address.

Normal: or

In time, we will probably have all search engine communication occur via the secure connection, but will roll this out slowly as we update the surrounding services so that there’s no interruption to normal uses.

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