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“In just an hour, I actually started to have fun with it.”

By David McKelvey


Last Thursday afternoon, Morgan and I met up with Art Department Chair Ben David and in a little over an hour, walked him through LiveWhale. This kind of training is pretty routine for Morgan, who did the lion’s share, and it was quite productive in that Ben got all his questions/needs answered quickly.

Later that evening, Ben cc’d us on a great email to fellow art faculty. While we selected LiveWhale to be as easy as possible for the everyday site edits, it’s great to hear confirmation of this from a brand new user. Ben’s words are far more authentic than mine, so an excerpt follows.

“I wanted to let you know that I sat down with David and Morgan— the web experts— today and uploaded a number of changes to our website using livewhale. In a one hour session, I was able to upload the new website language that Dawn and I collaborated on; to upload pictures specific to my courses; to resurrect my old “what can you do with an art major (back but needs updating); to add critical events to the calendar; and to start the alumni page I was hoping for with, pictures and student narratives. I put my student Max up there, and I am hoping we can reach out to our best recent graduates and add to the list. If everyone got a story and a blurb (in their own words) up here we would have all the advertising power we need. Kyle Thompson, I am copying you so that you can be next. Prospective students would love to know what is happening with the Boat and that you are here teaching physics with us!

“I learned that livewhale is very easy— not at all like Trillium was. I learned that you can get access to edit our website if you do not already have it by contacting Morgan (copied above). Maybe you could start just with your immediate area and interest. In just an hour, I actually started to have fun with it…

Thanks Ben for the email and allowing us to share it — we really love to see people just dive in.


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