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Upgrade to LiveWhale 1.4.1 on March 29

By Morgan Grether


At the end of the day on March 29, 2011, we will upgrade our LiveWhale content management system to version 1.4.1 (from version 1.4.0).

There are many small tweaks and fixes across all aspects of LiveWhale. Some of the most obvious improvements will include:

  • clearer editing toolbars (now divided into two rows by category type)
  • ability to embed images or widgets directly from a toolbar (whether editing a page, a news story, etc.)
  • better navigation widgets (if you would like to maintain your own righthand navigation menu)
  • streamlined page creation and page details
  • ability to link to pages more easily in news and events
  • better overall handling of images and the image library

But there are many more! Read the full overview from White Whale:

And feel free to email me at or to get all your questions answered in person at the LiveWhale Office Hours, 9-11am Wednesday, March 30, in the Dubach Mac Lab in Templeton Campus Center.

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