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New Features for The Green

By David McKelvey 


Mostly the work of Robb, we’ve just updated The Green with a bunch of new features. We’ve got a few more enhancements to make, but here is a short-list of what’s already working.

Email Notifications
Make a post or a comment on The Green and you’ll get short update whenever someone else subsequently comments.

Put your chosen image next to your posts — learn about gravatars inside The Green.

Chronological Lists
All the home page columns on the bottom half of the page are now ordered chronologically, with the most recently active post at the top. (Either a new post, or a new comment would push the post to the top of the list.)

Rankings Degrade
You can rank posts up (green arrow) or down (red arrow) to push them up to or down off the “Top of The Green.” Now, posts will automatically lose up rankings over time so that new posts have an easier time taking over older ones.

See The Green Elsewhere
You may have noticed that a short-list of people who have posted to the Green are now appearing in the Source. Since the Green is protected, we won’t be showing posts out in the world, but we’re more then happy to show images. You’ll probably also start seeing this on other pages too.

Have suggestions as to how we can improve the Green? Use the feedback tab while on the Green.


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