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Our Home Pages Are a Changin’

By David McKelvey


We’re about to cross the six month mark from our launch of the new site last summer, so today, we assembled a bunch of communicators from all three schools to talk about our four home pages and well (and not) they are working.

We had a really good session, fleshing out a bunch of issues that people were having using LiveWhale and how we might better utilize its features, or get changes/improvements made. We also discussed ways to share resources better.

And then we talked about the structure of the pages more generally — we went to the next level. There and then, we came up with a number of options for changing the visual organization of the page primarily below the fold dealing specifically with the three content streams: People, Headlines and Featured Events.

I’ll be mocking-up new designs for the group to review and then we’ll move into testing and launching the page organization. (We also expect that the professional school home pages might start to vary more from the institutional or college home pages.)

Finally, I’ve just deployed a minor change to the navigation on the institutional home page (only). When you click on the school, instead of seeing the pop-up and then clicking again (or the then visible home link) you will go directly to the school’s home page. While this does increase some jarring movement in the header/navigation positioning, we feel that it’s worth trying this navigation option for a while and if it sticks, we’ll subsequently harmonize the header/navigation positioning.

As always, use the feedback tab if you’d like to tell us we’ve done right, or done wrong by you. :)


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