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Working towards a new SSO

By David McKelvey


In the old site, we had the ability to see additional information on students when you were located on campus. Well, that made sense in the days before wireless coffeehouses/cafes and VPN. Today, more and more of us (including your new media team) work from all kinds of places, and not all of them on campus.

So for this next generation people search, we planned from the beginning to have it respond not to your physical location, but your relationship to Lewis & Clark. If you are a current student, or a faculty or staff member, then you can now see additional information about students simply by logging in. And, if you’ve already logged into the Green orMyLC, it will show up automatically.

While we’ve been working towards this for a while, it was finally made possible by some very recent updates to our single-sign-on rails application — — that authenticates everyone for the new media services.

One note, you won’t find this feature available if we don’t have additional information to show you. (Sometimes we don’t get everything — you’ll be able to update that in the future.) And of course, students who’ve choosen to opt out of the directory all together (via FERPA) never show at all.

We hope you enjoy this new feature. It’s just the beginning of the changes to come for people information over the next few months. And as always, give us your feedback!


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