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OregonLaws on BoingBoing

By David McKelvey


I’ve not talked a lot about our ruby on rails (RoR) development, but Robb Shecter has been working with it for some time and I’ve been playing with it since shortly after joining the team in PubCom. With this new technology, which combines some best-practices in programming with web development and security, it allows us as creators to deal with and improve the user-experience far faster and easier than most other technologies out there right now.

RoR aside, Robb is the main architect of our new search engine and login apps. They started small and have been much improved as we’ve watched people interact with them. But, what you haven’t all known is that like Morgan or I, Robb has had a few projects running on the side and we’ve seen huge benefits to our LC RoR apps from his other endeavors, OregonLaws and Greenfabric (not retired) before it.

Today is a huge day though, as a little over an hour ago, Cory Doctorow posted a story on BoingBoing on the ongoing saga of opening up the rights to our Oregon legal content and cited Robb and his OregonLaws site as great examples of what you can do when access is open. So congrats to Robb!

And, final note to all those tech-hungry people out there.


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