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By David McKelvey


Now that we’ve moved past our most recent redesign launch, we’re inaugurating this new blog for our ongoing work on our new website. This blog will talk in detail about the plans we’ve already made, updates that we’re working on (from us and WhiteWhale, maker of our LiveWhale CMS) and all the other web applications we build and maintain, like Search andLogin.

We’ll be linking to this blog from our feedback engine (UserVoice, the tab on the left-hand side of the site) and from our main help site. We hope that you’ll chime in here (and atUserVoice) to help us shape and improve our current and new web applications.

About We’ve set up this blog up on our new media development server for the time being just to get it started. In the long run, we hope will become a shared resource for the community, but don’t want to get in over our heads too fast — we have lots of other projects to tend to simultaneously — so it’s just a beta-test for now. While we’ve bounced ideas back and forth in passing, if it goes to the big time, we hope that this will be managed jointly by IT and New Media.


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