Blumenauer speaks at law commencement

Blumenauer speaks at law commencement

U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer ’70, JD ’76 returned to his alma mater on May 25 to address law school graduates.


“We are all in this together, caught up in a global web of interconnection,” said Blumenauer at the commencement ceremony in Pamplin Sports Center.


He expressed his concern about the Patriot Act and its effect on civil liberties, government secrecy, the environment, and the ongoing attack on Oregon’s death-with-dignity law.


“I would like to see our government model the behavior it expects from the rest of America,” he said. “Individuals can make a huge difference,” he added, noting that one employee, adviser, or stock trader could have mitigated the Enron debacle by going public with the truth.


Known for his commitment to the area’s transportation system, innovative land use, and the environment, Blumenauer is one of the nation’s leading advocates for creating livable communities. He is founder and cochair of the Living Communities Task Force and is a member of the House Sustainable Development Caucus.


Of the 225 graduating law students, 29 graduated cum laude and 9 graduated magna cum laude.