Grad School News

Master Grad News

Ed Magnin MEd ’73 has been programming games for the Nintendo Game Boy Color. His work includes “Prince of Persia,” “Moon Patrol and Spy Hunter,” and “Wings of Fury.”

Jane Spence MEd ’78 left her position as administrator for Kaiser Permanente Mental Health and Addictions Medicine to rejoin Multnomah County as division director of corrections health. The agency provides health, mental health and dental health to 2,500 inmates.

Larry R. Bentz MAT ’80 won the 1999 Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award.

Janine Mobley Weichbrodt M.E. ’92 married Kevin Weichbrodt Aug. 12, 2000. The couple spent their honeymoon in Italy and France.

Suzanne Haller Cooper MAT ’95 married Evan Cooper Aug. 7, 2000. She is currently teaching.

Steve Hawley MAT ’96 married Kathy Jubitz July 31, 2000. He is a high school teacher.

Caterine Duval Kennedy MAT ’97 married Matthew Cook Kennedy March 18, 2000. She teaches French and German at Century High School in Hillsboro.

Richard Carson M.P.A. ’98 is releasing his second publication on land use planning and growth management in the Pacific Northwest. He is currently director of the 120-employee Department of Community Development for Clark County, Wash., and editor of the Oregon Planners’ Journal. Carson’s first publication, Paying for Our Growth in Oregon, had more than 10,000 copies published in hard copy and over the Internet. His second publication, Common Sense, will also have an Internet release.

Stacey Eisenkraft MAT ’98 wrote “A Gallery of Visual Responses: Artwork in the Literature Classroom.” The article appeared in the March 1999 issue of English Journal, the official journal of the Secondary Section of the National Council of Teachers of English.

Carla Poindexter MAT ’98 and David Pilgrim were married July 17, 2000, in Agnes Flanagan Chapel at Lewis & Clark. Poindexter is an elementary school teacher. Pilgrim is a service manager for a distribution company.

Loraine Kovash M.P.A. ’99 is an auditor for the Oregon employment department.