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What are you thankful for at Lewis & Clark?

November 16, 2012

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    The 2012 Turkey Trot brought staff together from all three schools.

Because Thanksgiving happens this week, The Source canvassed faculty and staff across all three campuses to share their thoughts of gratitude for Lewis & Clark.

From the beauty of our campus to the smallest exchanges of kindness, the following sentiments capture the reason for the season:

Hal AbramsHal Abrams, vice president for institutional advancement

Our entire Institutional Advancement team is grateful that hundreds of alumni and friends are engaged with Lewis & Clark. We rely on donors to invest in our students and faculty through gifts. We take our responsibility seriously, as the recipients of these gifts, to give our students and faculty the very best to assure their success. 

Naiomi CameronNaiomi Cameron, associate professor of mathematics

I’m grateful for a collegial department, friendly and engaged students, and I’m thankful that I work in a supportive, professional environment.

Sara ChambersSara Chambers, law school switchboard operator

I’m grateful to work at such a great place. I just feel really thankful to have a job where a lot my co-workers are like family. I feel like there are so many people I can rely on in a pinch.

Brian Detweiler-BedellBrian Detweiler-Bedell, associate professor of psychology

Close, collaborative interactions between faculty and students happen everywhere at L&C. These partnerships just don’t happen at bigger schools, and at L&C we take them to another level even compared to other liberal arts colleges. I am thankful for this because I think of my students as extraordinary, vibrant colleagues, and these colleagues are the best part of my job.

Mark Duntley, dean of religious and spiritual life

I’m thankful for our annual Campus to Community Employee Giving Campaign. It is one of the many ways each one of us here at Lewis & Clark can affirm our own humanity and our interconnection with others and with our natural world. I make a point of giving because I know it makes a difference. Reaching out to help reminds me that this is my world and that I can do something to make it better. So, ultimately for me giving is a form of empowerment in the best sense of that word.

Scott FletcherScott Fletcher, dean of the graduate school

I am thankful for the courage, wisdom, and compassion of the Graduate School community—from the smallest kindness exchanged among colleagues to the grandest plan for our collective future. I’m grateful to share such company every day.

Michael FordMichael Ford, associate vice president for campus life

I am thankful for the unique and collective “signatures” of students, faculty, staff, alumni, trustees, parents, and friends of all three schools—their individual and collective contributions of time, talent, energy, creativity—the intellectual, emotional and financial capital that has created, renews daily, and will sustain this institution over time.

Michel GeorgeMichel George, associate vice president for facilities

I’m grateful for the peers I work with, our students, the beautiful campus we’ve been gifted with, and my family.

Barry GlassnerPresident Barry Glassner

I am thankful to be working with so many faculty and staff who dedicate themselves tirelessly to our incredible students.

Anna Gonzalez, dean of students

I’m thankful for the resiliency of our students. They are engaged and motivated and they work tirelessly to make our society better.

Morgan GretherMorgan Grether, director of new media

I am thankful for a loving family and the kindness of more friends than I can count. And I am thankful for my wonderful colleagues in PubCom who make it a joy to come to work every day.

Craig JohnstonCraig Johnston, professor of law and clinical director of Earthrise Law Center

I am thankful for many things about Lewis & Clark, but most of all for our students, who are so bright and idealistic, and who are willing to work hard to make themselves better advocates for social change.

Tom KrattenmakerTom Krattenmaker, associate vice president for public affairs and communications

I’m grateful for our students’ idealism, creativity and commitment.

Rob KuglerRob Kugler, professor of religious studies and director of strategic initiatives

I’m thankful for a really good leadership team and our fantastic faculty and staff.

Becky Haas, director of admissions, graduate school

I am thankful for all members of the Lewis & Clark community—a collection of individuals who feel deeply about their contributions to this amazing place whether it is scholarly research, supporting a newly arrived student, or tending the beautiful grounds.

Tuajuanda JordanTuajuanda Jordan, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

I am thankful for the staff in the dean’s office—a group of individuals committed to the mission of Lewis & Clark whose collective professionalism, collegiality, fairness, and collaborative spirit are a testament to all that is good and positive in humanity.

Lisa MeyerLisa Meyer, dean of enrollment and communications

I am thankful that I work with bright, supportive, funny, and dedicated colleagues. I am also thankful that I work with smart, interesting, focused, and involved students at a time of transition in their lives. I am simply surrounded by wonderful people.

Linda QuandtLinda Quandt, administrative assistant, law school

I am thankful for the opportunity to work and raise a family in a stimulating and enriching academic environment, and for the many student friends who live throughout the world.

Marilyn SbardellatiMarilyn Sbardellati, administrative coordinator, transportation and parking

Working in a really wonderful environment with great people…and cats.

Martha SpenceMartha Spence, associate dean for academic affairs, law school

I’m thankful to work in a place where I am inspired by the people around me who show their commitment to students every day, and to be in a place where ideas matter.

Kim StaffordKim Stafford, associate professor and director of the Northwest Writing Institute

I’m looking out the window of my office at the beauty of the forest that surrounds us and I’m grateful for the way that the natural world is our greatest teacher.