November 30, 2012

Rebecca Robbins ‘16

American Embassy School, New Delhi, India
Lived in Bangladesh, El Salvador, Sri Lanka, Egypt, India

Citizenship: USA
High School: American Embassy School, New Delhi, India
Has Lived In: Bangladesh, El Salvador, Sri Lanka, Egypt, India

The most difficult question I have to answer is, “Where are you from?” It is an innocent question, but requires a long answer. “I was born in Washington, DC, but moved to Bangladesh when I was five weeks old and have never lived in the U.S. until I attended Lewis and Clark. I also lived in El Salvador, Sri Lanka, Egypt and India, where I graduated from high school. I have a driver’s licenses from Colorado, India and Ethiopia, where my parents now live and it is where I go back “home” to during holidays. My official U.S. residence and where I vote is Colorado.” This answer is either met with a glazed-over look, a nod, and a polite smile, or with follow-up questions on what took me to all those places. Sometimes when asked where I am from, I just say Colorado, but then I have to explain why I have only been skiing once in my life.

Lewis & Clark offers me a comfortable environment within which to continue my education. So many of my fellow classmates have either lived overseas or are from other countries, that they understand my difficulty in answering the question of where I’m from. Lewis & Clark’s small size means that I will not be lost among thousands of students. Professors know who I am and have time for me if I have questions. Classes are small enough that everyone can participate in discussions. The variety of themed dorms means that students can further their interests, or explore new ones. TCK sponsored events help students settle into the U.S. and expose U.S. students to other cultures.