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First Aid scenarios on campus, Jan. 10-19

January 09, 2013

College Outdoors is hosting a Wilderness First Responder class for 30 people, from 10 a.m. Thursday, January 10 through 5 p.m. Saturday, January 19 on various parts of campus.

These national certification courses, taught by instructors from the Wilderness Medicine Institute, provide our LC students and others from the outside community with excellent skills for responding to medical emergencies.

On most of these days we will be doing first aid simulations at various locations outside the Flanagan Chapel, Templeton Campus Center, South Campus and in the woods behind the Templeton and Sequoia Buildings.  In these simulations, some “victims” may be made up with stage blood, and bandages, and may be carried out on a stretcher.

You may not notice the class at all, but in case you do:

We will strive to keep simulations away from office buildings and visitors, but if you do encounter such a scenario, please do not be alarmed.  We will have “First Aid Simulation in Progress” signs posted in the area of any simulations.

If you have questions about the Wilderness First Responder course, please contact College Outdoors at 503-768-7116.

Thank you.

Josh Bickley