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Pioneer Explorer Challenge sponsored by the LC Employee Fitness Program

January 22, 2013

Do you need an incentive or some competition to get you motivated to exercise more?  “Travel” with others along the Lewis & Clark Trail with the 2013 incentive program!

Pioneer Explorer Challenge

The trail that Lewis & Clark followed was approximately 4600 miles from where they started in Washington, DC to completion in Oregon.

Employees will be challenged to “explore the trail” by doing their work-outs (on or off campus) during the Spring Semester starting January 22 and ending May 3.

During the 14 week semester, employees should be able to “complete the trail” by doing, for example, three 45 minute work-outs a week plus a few extra work-outs.

Every 45 minutes of exercise equals 100 miles “traveled” along the trail.

Simple Rules

Sign up on the Google Doc after submitting a request to

Practice honesty when recording by self-reporting.

Record the description of the exercise (please keep it simple, for example: walk, run, class, weights, machines, bike, treadmill, elliptical, swim, water run, etc).

Record the duration of the exercise in minutes (please use whole numbers).


Recognition will be given to employees as they “finish the trail.”

Prizes will be given to the first five employees to “finish the trail.”

Recognition will be given to employees as they continue to “explore the trail.” 

Prizes will be given to five employees that “explore the most miles on the trail.”

Recognition will be given to all employees who accept the challenge to “travel the trail.”


For more information, contact

For more information: