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Associate Professor Mortola kayaks to work

January 24, 2013

This just in: An awesome story about one professor’s approach to alternative transportion during the Sellwood Bridge closure last week.

Peter Mortola, associate professor of counseling psychology, kayaked to work!

A friend of his has a houseboat on the east side, and Peter was able to dock his boat with her during the week. He rode his bike from his home on the east side to her house, locked up his bike, and hopped in his boat for a beautiful paddle across the river. He locked up his boat on the west side under the L&C sailing dock (yes, such a thing exists!), and then used a walking trail to jog up to campus through the neighborhood (the trail lets out in the rose garden behind the Manor House).

How cool is that?

Submitted by Hanna Neuschwander, director of communications for the graduate school