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The Value of Sport

January 25, 2013

Teamwork, leadership, and commitment define Lewis & Clark students—in the classroom and on the fields of play. Current student-athletes pass along strategies for making the most of the college experience.


Pete Fisher ’13

Hometown: Mercer Island, Washington
Majors: psychology and Hispanic studies

College is a time to learn about yourself, and the best way to do that is to push the boundaries. Taking a class outside your major or joining a club you were scared to be a part of can become the most memorable and rewarding experience of your college career.

Ali Brauer ’15

Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Major: mathematics

Lewis & Clark coaches stress “academics first, then athletics.” While being a college athlete is a major commitment, participation provides you with an instant friend group, full of teammates and coaches who care about you as an individual. 

Andrew LeDonne ’13

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Major: economics

Be proactive in your education. Apply for a Student Academic Affairs Board (SAAB) grant to explore something you’re passionate about, from a start-up business idea to an art project to bringing an interesting speaker to campus.

Madison Hollenbeck ’15

Hometown: Shoreline, Washington
Major: undecided

Find a balance between the work and the social side of being on campus, and you’ll be golden. Lewis & Clark has all the resources to help you get through. College is all about having pride, being spirited, working hard, and having fun.

Jake Costantino ’15

Hometown: Fontana, California
Major: biology

Come prepared to be challenged mentally, physically, and emotionally—and be ready to have a great time being a part of the Pioneer family.

Alicia Callejo-Black ’14

Hometown: San Francisco, California
Major: psychology

Cherish the opportunity of being a collegiate athlete. It is an amazing experience, and the bonds you form with team members and coaches can last a lifetime.

Gillian Lowe ’15

Hometown: Allen, Texas
Major: psychology

It’s hard to balance athletics and academics, but it’s worth the effort. You’ll meet some of your best friends on the team and it will have a huge impact on your college experience. Do what you love, and if you have a passion for something, don’t wait! Pursue it!


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